Gordon Biersch's Ahi Tuna Nachos

After moving to New Orleans I would be doing the world a disservice not to share some of the best eateries in the world.

I recently went to a casual local chain restaurant, Gordon Biersch's Brewery, where I was surprised by the quality of the food so, I am back from an extensive hiatus.

The Ahi Tuna Nachos feature Ahi Poke - "Ahi poke is a traditional Hawaiian food prepared with raw marinated ahi tuna". Poke is squares of tuna that the fishermen cut fresh from the fish after catching them on the boat.

The nachos featured thin, airy nacho chips covered in a cucumber dill and sriracha drizzle. The nachos also had sauteed pineapple, scallion, and thin cucumber slices. 

This combination of sweet and spicy flavors was magnificent, made better by the shavings of pickled ginger. A new addition to the menu, featured at $10.00 - these nachos are not only delicious, but healthy. Not only is there nothing unhealthy about this meal, but in fact there is not a single unhealthy element of the dish. Now, since I am a self proclaimed food snob, my only suggestion for this dish would be a peppered sear on to poke. 

I must say this is one of the most pleasant appetizers I have eaten in a long time. The quality and flavor of the food make it a fantastic dish that seem to possibly be simple to replicate. You just might see my version featured on here some day soon. 

Well, I hope you appreciate the return to the review portion of All In Good Taste and I look forward to the next bite I share with you all!

Breaded Chicken, Caprese Salad, and Oven Roasted Red Potatoes

As I previously mentioned, I have begun cutting back on my meat intake and have been experimenting with other filling options for my meals. This recipe was inspired by the fresh tomato based salads I enjoyed while in Italy. You can dice the tomatoes and use the same Caprese salad recipe for your bruschetta, add Parmesan cheese on top, or use this recipe with angel hair pasta, increase the white wine reduction, and stir for a great fresh pasta!


Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder
1 chicken breast cut in half

Caprese Salad

Three Roma tomatoes
Two cloves of garlic
Grapeseed Oil
White Wine Reduction

Red Potatoes

5 red potatoes
Olive Oil
Sea Salt

1. Prepare the flour and spice mixture
2.  Set the oven to 450 degrees and bake the red potatoes for 20 minutes
3. While the potatoes are cooking, combine the Caprese salad ingredients and cover to absorb flavor
4. Remove the potatoes from the oven and finish cooking on the stove  
5. Saute the chicken in garlic and olive oil for 6 minutes per side

Cosa buona cucina!